you can still vote!!

check out the 1 minute video i made on why i need this trip

Vote for me to win a trip around the world! Please do so here! And erryday until Nov. 5!!! 

Not convinced? Think I’m an asshole? Fair. Here are five reasons why I deserve a vacay:

1. I’ll buy every single person who votes for me a McDonalds ice cream cone. And anyone who knows anything about flavor knows that McDonald’s ice cream cones are the greatest .

2. I work really, really hard six days a week, giving people the joy of great sandwiches and prepared salads.

3. I just overcame tonsillitis and it was terrible.

4. I was a pretty dumb child. Note the lack of comma between pretty and dumb (I wore neon colored braces and had triangle hair).

5. I wanna go so bad and I’ll buy you an ice cream cone if you vote for me!!!!

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the end of maria eats in paris

As my spring semester is winding down and final papers are starting up, I have decided to lay this blog to rest. Thanks to everyone who has been interested in my appetite and eating adventures, and thanks for all the comments.

Au revoir, et bon appetit!


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I had the greatest greatest greatest meal ever today.

This amazing soup with potatoes and greens, unbelievably saffrony stewed chicken over rice, and a fresh fruit salad. And a coke light. For 7,90 euro.

Lisbon is really cool. Quite residential, and very nice to just walk around in. Though be warned, it is very hilly and requires sturdy shoes.

NOTE: Mom, dad–the title of this post does not authorize you to ever, ever use it in conversation.

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portugal must eats

  1. Fresh squeezed orange juice (you can get it anywhere)
  2. Chorizo
  3. Grilled fish
  4. Mousse francesca
  5. Potatoes, in any possible form

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ydn article on the victoria sponge cake I made

Check it.

Also, Portugal is amazing. I’m never leaving. Plate of ham and cheese omelette, potatoes, and salad for only 3.90 euro. Beautiful tiled buildings. Good coffee. Lots of old people. Nice people. Warm. Plate of ham and cheese omelette, potatoes, and salad for only 3.90 euro.

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spain vs. italy : the faceoff

So I know this isn’t going to be the fairest of tests, considering I’ve spent a total of 5 days in Spain (aka Barcelona) and months and months in Italy (aka all of Italy). And I have Italian blood and am partial to all things Italian. But that’s not going to stop me from making judgments and generalizations.

Round 1: Coffee

Winner: SPAIN! So yeah, everyone always thinks of Italian coffee as pretty much the greatest. And it is really great. But caffe con leche (coffee with milk) is the most unbelievable hot beverage you will ever have. Just enough caffe part, just enough leche part, for the most satisfying, bold, and perfectly-creamy thing you could ever drink. Cappucino’s are great, but something they’re a little  too creamy n frothy.

Round 2: Bread

Winner: ITALY! This one was pretty easy. Spain’s bread has just not impressed me. It’s alright and all but it doesn’t have any distinctive characteristics have yet to eat a piece of bread that has really lit my fire. I don’t think it is necessary to elaborate further on Italian bread. Yummmmmmmmm.

Round 3: Abundance/Quality of Old People

Winner: TIE! I’ve noticed that Barcelona is overrun by old people (in the best possible sense of “overrun”) doing their shopping, sitting on benches, and drinking their coffees. This reminds me a lot of Italian towns, which are also dominated by our grey-haired friends. As for quality, all of the old people I have encountered in Italy and Spain have been just charming.

Round 4: Beauty

Winner: ITALY! As I said before, I have only been to Barcelona, so I cannot judge the beauty of Spain as a whole, but compared to any major city in Italy, Barcelona just doesn’t hold up. It kinda reminds me of LA or something–it’s very sprawled out and has less of an old-timey feel than its Italian counterparts. And the beach in Barca isn’t nearly as blue as they are on the coast of Italy.

So I think those are all the important categories. Coffee, bread, abundance/quality of old people, and beauty. After much deliberation and careful analysis, it appears that Italy is the winner.


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when life hands you lemons, go to barcelona

So the whole Paris thing didn’t work out, but I DID manage to get on a flight to Barcelona, off of standby. Now I’m chilling in Barcelona until Friday, when I’ll fly to Porto, Portugal. Not so bad!

I’m going to go drink cafe con leche now.

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